2008 Was the year of the new beginning.

Numerologically 2008 is a number 1 a bearer of the energies of new beginning. This is the year when the new dynamic with unlimited potentials of fluid new energies starts to infiltrate and manifest on the physical level as the result of a quantum leap in human consciousness which occurred in the energies of fulfilment 9-9-9 (September 18,2007)

This is the year when the anchoring of energies of abundance at 8-8-8 (August 8,2008) became actual, and also the multidimensional release of poverty consciousness in a harmonious way of fluid energies. In this year came through the human consciousness the wonder of the water as a “tangible” fluid energy and its flow, which washes away the broken, yet instable parts of rigid/fixed matrix, making way to the fluid energies carrying the dynamic of new beginning. On the 3rd of August Masaru Emoto performed a water ceremony at Shaman rock in the Lake Baikal, which was preceded by a total solar eclipse in Siberia. Many more similar ceremonies were performed after that all over the world. An important water ceremony was performed at Niagara Falls on 27th of August in the energies of fulfillment (2+7=9)

Between 22-29 of October occurred the activation of 44 fluid grids in Golden Horseshoe. I would attribute the chain of activations as wonder of wonders, however, recognizing the dynamic of live water as a multi dimensional fluid energy I emphasize the activation at Niagara Falls and at Grenadier Pond in High Park in Toronto. In same time analog activation has occurred at Victoria Falls in Africa. The anchoring of energies and the activation of fluid grids prepared us for the energies in November, specifically 11-13 of November when all the portals fears have been fed from were sealed.

The rapid changes in an ever fasting linear time-space which will catapult us trough the dimensional change of consciousness is occurring now and all of the humanity is witnessing that.


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