After the Quantum Leap

Are you experiencing the flow of new energies around you? – the rapid changes in yourself, in your life and everywhere around you in the ever faster linear space and time?

Have you realized deep inside you the question:

What is going on? How to deal with all these new energies?


  1. What is the Quantum Leap exactly?

To reach a higher level of individual and collective consciousness, the veil of illusion and its elimination, dualism and its understanding.

  1. What we suppose to know and what we suppose to do to elevate our consciousness on the evolutional spiral of the soul?

Chakra systems, chakra cleansing, meditations.

  1. How to prepare ourselves for the ascension to the 5th dimension, predicted in prophecies for 2012?

Yo-ham and our journey in New Energies; the possibility to “claim” back our creative power; the “devices” in the New Energies.


You could find answers for all these questions and many more on sessions starting in April 6 Sunday afternoon from 2:00PM to 6:30 PM
The date to be determined according to availability of the participants.

The price of four sessions is $ 270.00 or $ 45.00 each gathering.

The Quantum Leap sessions are held in Mississauga or Toronto (to be determined)
Coffee, tea, juices and snack are provided
Meditation CDs $ 10.00