In the 8th Gate-2 Activation our Light Group took part as an Anchoring Group.  The preparations went on in a pleasant excitement and we were waiting for the 5th of June, the day when the NEW MATRIX of the TRUE HEART LOVE will be born by the Activation of 8th Gate-2 and the NEW CODES of the NEW CYCLE will be anchored to the Heart of Mother Earth.

On Friday morning, June the 5th, we woke up to a gorgeous day.  Not even a single cloud tarnished the bright aquamarine blue of the sky.  The air was sparklingly clear and caressing, which is quite unusual in the heart of Toronto, the metropolis and industrial centre.  We choose a picturesque spot with wonderful energies for  our Activation Ceremony in High Park.  It was a small meadow surrounded with fascinatingly giant trees, a crystal clear brook splashing on its edge, white violets marking the brook shores.  Behind us the brook was rushing into a miniature lake through a mini waterfall.  Across, on the other side of the stream, a fallen tree-gigant stumbled into the lap of a hug dead tree, like they were united in a sacred marriage.  Squirrels were playing on them and everywhere around.  We could not be led by the Heavens to a more beautiful, idyllic and intimate place!

Since we are a small group, we asked two tree-titans to be our guardians and hold the energies during the Activation Ceremony.  From the very first moment our guardians amazed us and when we were anchoring the influx of New Energies through our bodies laying on the earth under the guardian tree, we were fascinated by and could only admire the glittering dance of the light on their leaves.  It was a moment of Peace, Love and lightness of Freedom.

We started up the Ceremony in a playful cheer.  After the mudras and the gate standing in that moment of delightful joy we even plaid a sympathetic folk-dance of Golden Gate.

Later, during the break, at one moment we found ourselves in a Greater Reality.  As we were sitting on the grass, a duck couple walked very consciously to our spot.  About 10 inches in front of us they stopped.  Agnes threw broccoli pieces to them, but the drake with his wings gesticulating, made some coughing, guttural sound, this way letting us know that they can’t swallow that and they didn’t come to eat!  THEY ARE ON MISSION!  Couple of minutes we were staring at them astonished till it sank down, still incredulous in realization, that we ARE in the Greater Reality and together with Hajni I communicate with a duck couple.  The drake then began gracefully to preen, captivating our attention to get ready because the “big moment” is approaching.  As soon as I said aloud: “Girls the gate is opening soon!” they said bye to us, turned around and left straight to the lake behind us.

At the Dance of the Elements Eva represented the Fire Element completely unified with the Spirit of the Fire.  A flight of wild-gees passed by above us, as they were guided by the light of the Fire.

We were dancing the Earth-Star Dance when the “big moment” occurred.  First a bird piped in with a surprising tunefulness and volume right above our heads.  ( Later turned out that this was for Agnes)  NOW! crossed my mind.  We continued dancing.  After couple of minutes all of the sudden I knelt down and put both of my hands on the ground.  We continued dancing.  After few more dance steps I became aware of that what I feel is the influx of the NEW ENERGIES!  After a several anchoring movements we lay down on the ground and were happy to be in the Greater Reality.

Quite a few realms of Mother Earth were fully present and contributed to our Activation Ceremony.  The closing dance was done by a fox galloping gracefully across the park just before we left for home.

June 5th was a blessed day, and I am thankful to the Universe and to the members of the Light Group that I could be part of the MIRACLE!

Izabella Sari


Activation and anchoring the Mary Magdalene Pillars and Fire Gates in Canada

The activation and anchoring of 60 Magdalene Pillars and the 14-29 Fire Gates took place in Canada between 13-19 May, 2009.  I have participated in these monumental and exciting events and would like to share with all of you the powerful and fascinating experiences I have had.

13th of May – Mississauga, Ontario – A powerful overture

Mary Magdalene activated our “own” Magdalene Pillar and Arkangel Michael the Fire Gate in the heart chakras of all of us present.  This overwhelmingly poweful initiation prepared us for the activation and anchoring of the 60 Magdalene Pillars and the 14-29 Fire Gates.  It was a gigant energy flow and its titanic waves washed over our bodies and souls; still I did not feel an overwhelming joy or jubilation, I felt rather kind of a sadness like I was mourning the OLD washed out from me.

15th of May – Montreal, Quebec – To SURRENDER to true and unconditional Love and Acceptance

The activation and anchoring of 15 Magdalene Pillars and the 14-17th Fire Gates took place in fascinatingly beautiful Parc Mont Royal in the heart of Montreal.  Before the activation we went through an interesting cleaning.  Forming a circle, energetically united, we released the blocking energies carried from our past lifes.  In the first third of the XVII century, in Champlaine’s New France, on St. Lowrence river a ship sank and everyone on that ship died. This death experience was what we had to release.  The majority of the people in the circle anno then were on that ship.  Being on the ship did not resonate in me, however, I felt that in some other capacity, somehow I was still part of the event and after the release of the blocking energies I felt light and relieved.

When we settled down for the activation, we formed a medicine wheel.  Males in cardinal positions of the four directions and the females filled the circle holding the energies.

The Magdalene Collumns are maghnificent Pillars of Light reminescent of needles of Cleopatra.  By their activation, their radiating Light became accessible to Mother Earth and all her children; we being there, anchored this huge torrent of Light through our hearts and bodies into the heart of Mother Earth.  The echo of the message consumed my whole being: to SURRENDER to unconditional love and acceptance, to SURRENDER to the splendid Light of fluid love in our hearts. It was a gorgeous activation. 

The presence of Mother Mary and the heart chakra connection with her was wonderful as well.  The Fire Gates were activated by four Arkangels: Uriel, Ariel, Raffael and Michael from cardinal positions also.  It was a powerful experience!

When we stud in the midle of the central Magdalene Pillar, the power of the energies were sensible both on the Earth and in the sky.

Later in the afternoon I felt exhausted and fell asleep early.

16th of May – Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec – Cleaning of the pain resulted by misunderstanding and miscommunicating the Truth and neglection of feminine energies

15 Magdalene Collumns and the 18-21st Fire Gates were activated and anchored at the Notre Dame Sanctuary in Cap-de-la-Madeleine. It is an enchantingly beautiful place on the shore of St. Lowrence river.  Its energis are pure and I felt the call of the place.  Its embracing love is like the mothers hug.

Prior to actvation today as well we cleaned ourselves from the blocking energies from the past. Standing in the circle all of us released and sent with love stuck energies from our past lifes to the Light.

Today in the medicine wheel the ladies were in cardinal positions forming triangels, while the gentlemen filled the circle, holding the energies.  I was in the fire of south.

The activation of Magdalene Collumns was extraordinary powerful and the presence of 12 maidens, 12 mothers and 12 matrons hightened the wonder of the experience.  The Pillars activated and anchored here are emitting the Feminine Light with the purity of a maiden, with the fertility of a mother and with the wisdom of a matron onto the planet and its realms.  Mother Earth and all her children will be healed by this powerful Light – women suffered a lot under male domination – healing of the deep wounds will balance the feminine and masculine energies. 

The message was fascinatingly powerful: to SURRENDER to the pure heart love where there is no posession or manipulation, only the Light of the True Love to the Core.  We anchored this Light through our bodies to the Earth and the Sanctuary of Cap-de-la=Madeleine became the most powerful healing energy centre of the world.

Michelle Elloff the charming channel burried a chrystal in the midle of the activated central Pillar, so everyone could be connected to the place and its energies through that chrystal, whenever it is needed.

Four Arkangels activated the Fire Gates.  The power of the flames filled my whole being.  Cold wind was blowing, we were sitting there in winter coats and I was warm!

Mother Mary was with us as well. When she looked into our eyes, in the sparkle of her eyes we recognised the essence of the christian love and the deepest challenge of the feminine energy.

Late in the afternoon a cleaning rain started.  I retreated to my room, needed quiet and wanted to be with myself.

17th of May – Quebec City, Quebec – Healing Mother Earth’s and all her children’s karma

Nearby Citadella in Parc des Champs – de – Bataille occured the gigantic and powerful activation and anchoring of the next 15 Magdalene Collumns and another 4 Fire Gates.

After completly cleaning ourselves from the blocking energies and opening our hearts-bodies-souls, we took our places one more time in the madicine wheel.  This time 1 male and 2 females were in cardinal positions, the ladies as the base and the gentlemen as the point of the triangle. In between of the triangles 2-2 women closed the energies of the circle.  I was sitting in the powerful energies of the raising sun.

Like amazing light geysers with immense powerful energies the Magdalene Pillars emerged high up, and the power of the message was astonishing.  By the activated Magdalene Collumns and the anchored Light through our bodies heales and releases the KARMA OF MOTHER EARTH, ALL HER REALMS AND ALL HER CHILDREN!  Humbly, with gratitude in my heartI say thank you to the Universe, that I could participate in this monumental event!

Billions of souls were present, not only from the Earth, but from the other empires of the Universe affected by Mother Earth’s karma and events; even from Arcturus, warriors and warrioresses came for healing and release!  Joanne of Arc was there as well!  Immens release of energies!

The activation of the Fire Gates occured with help of the sacred Phoenix,  in the presence of Mother and Father God, Mother Mary, Lord Kuthumi, Master Serapis Bey, Master El Morya, Master Hilarion, Lord Arcturus, the Council of Authentic Ones, the Galactic Council of Destiny, Arkangels, Metatron, Melchizedek, Kwan Yin, Portia, Goddess Venus and many other Gods and Goddesses.  There was no place for the brain, but for the heart only!  Together with the Light discs and codes we have received from our beloved Lord Kuthumi and the Council of Authentic Ones, this gigantic event was anchored.

Miraculously, the elements were following what we were doing; there were surprisingly high winds in Quebec City and Father Wind with elemental force whipped up every surfacing impurity or negativity to the purifying Light!

I felt peace and something like: it is done! We did it! We completed the task!

850 km driving was infront of me.  I sat into my car and said: Dear Arkangel Michael we did it, please take me home now!

19tyh of May – Toronto, Ontario – Closing Activation and anchoring – The Twin Flame frequencies

The following 15 Magdalene Collumns and the 26-29th Fire Gates were activated and anchored in the building of the Toronto District School Board.  The vast power of the closing activation swept us off from the mape of the known to the Greater Reality of the Unknown!  The Triplicity in the unity of Holy Trinity is accessible in the HEART, in the world beyond the mind only!

This time the medicine wheel was denser.  More participants were physicly present and couples were sitting in the inner circle.  By the activated Magdalene Collumns and Fire Gates in our sun chakras the frequencies of Divine, Sacred Love were anchored.  The Divine Love of the God and Goddess and its sacred fruit the Divine Child!  The now opening Portals were never accessible to the humanity before. 

Entering this Portal we joined with the Golden Energy of our Twin Flame and infront of Lord Maitreya, who conducted the ceremony, we merged into sacred mariage in the Temple of the Divine  Sacred Love in the presence of Father and Mother God, the Elders of the Council of Truth and Wisdom, Lord Osiruis and Goddess Isis, Shakti and Shiva, Lord Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and St. Joseph, Lady Quinevere and Sir Lancelot, the Sun Goddesses, Lord Budha, the Council of Nine from Arcturus, the Galactic Federation of Divinity from Sirius, the Council og Great White Brother and Sisterhood, Metetron and Kwan Yin, Melchizedek and Portia and many others.  The sensation was fascinating!

The Sacred Fhoenix emerged high up through our krown chakras and spread golden flames onto us; the golden light of the Magdalene Pillars and the Fire Gates living inside ourselves and therefore in our Twin Flames also, merged into ONE ALL CONSUMING, GIGANTIC FLAME OF ETERNAL LOVE!  And at the midle of this majestic flame appeared the Sacred Inner  Child.

The Twin Flame frequencies anchored into the sacred heart of Goddess Gaia now are accessible through the opened Portals to Humanity!

With Love, Light & Blessings

Izabella Sari