2011~A New Cycle Begins

2011~A New Cycle Begins

– By Elizabeth Jones – Master Astrologist

Many have an awareness that the times in which we live are different and somehow significant, even special and unique. Great emphasis has been placed on 2012, for one, but whether you place much credence in that or not, there are many other indicators that this is a turning point for humanity. Certainly it is true economically, politically, culturally and in regards to our institutions of education, government and religion.

The Astrological Cycles at Play
One of the great gifts of Astrology is that we can see the bigger cycles at play. And this year, a new cycle is about to begin.

For seven years, Uranus has been in the sign of Pisces. All astrological influences have an agenda and Uranus in Pisces, during this last seven years, was clear: open a channel from our higher mind to our lower mind. This was so we increased our capacity to grasp new knowledge and insights.

The impact of this influence has, over time, opened our minds and hearts to new wisdom and understandings. Most of you have also likely experienced an increase in your own intuition and inner knowing during these years. Hopefully you have also come to trust it more, even rely on it.

During these 7 years, many changed how they saw things and this could have created a kind of chaos as the old way of perceiving didn’t seem to fit aspects of the new insights and higher knowledge now available. The old patterns stubbornly held their position in our psyche, often resisting this new information. But over time, and with the help of other astrological influences during this past few years, the beliefs and ways of perceiving your life have likely changed.

The old patterns and precepts served their purpose and now don’t seem to fit. This can be uncomfortable as going back isn’t even possible anymore. This may be to a career path, how we support ourselves or relationships to our family, friends or partners. It can feel as though the path has actually dissolved when we look back.

I have heard many say such things . . . that significant aspects of their life now seem “old, out dated and just no longer an option.” Yet it would seem that a kind of limbo set in for many in 2010, because the “next steps” or new path were not really all that clear. Or perhaps it was clear but just not happening for one reason or another.

On To 2011 and The New Cycle
Yes, I feel we are entering a New Cycle. The planetary energies, patterns and shifts point in this direction.

Yet to the degree that we are in sync with the energies, is the degree we will be able to truly avail ourselves to the magic pulsing through them.

In other words, to embrace this New Cycle, we must align ourselves through exerting our personal will, in a conscious way that embraces and stabilizes the natural rhythms of life, as these are the “carriers” of the current of the creative/creator, or the Pulse of Life itself.

“Rhythm is the carrier of Life.”
~Rudolph Steiner

There are lots of ways to get in sync with thia natural flow of life, and some are quite simple to do, such as:

  • Breathing exercises.
  • Through movement: such as dancing, walking, yoga, tai chi, etc.
  • Normalizing your daily patterns, such as eating and sleeping

What is most important is to be consistent. This is what will increase your capacity to be able to bring this Universal Energy into your life.

Yet if you are out of sync in other, fundamental ways, these may not be enough.

Another, effective way is this: to align your life, at least to some degree, to the cycles of the Heavens, using Astrology as your map to do so. I simply know of no other body of knowledge that better shows us how to get in sync with the natural order of things than Astrology.

Key Events In 2011
Next, I want to address the keys that I see as most significant to the New Cycle we are entering, particularly in the first half of the year:

  1. The Uranus-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces in the first week of the year.
  2. Jupiter entering Aries the 3rd week of January.
  3. Uranus entering Aries mid-March for 7 years.
  4. Neptune entering Pisces briefly for the first time in over 140 years.


1.   Right out the door~Jupiter is conjunct Uranus!

When I look over the year ahead certain days or series of days will jump out at me as being of particular significance. This year, it is interesting because one of the most potent one is this week, January 4th, and the few days surrounding it.

The 3rd of three meetings of Jupiter-Uranus is happening this week (there were two last summer). This time it is occurring at the end of Pisces, which are the final degrees of the Zodiac. The influence of the conjunction of Jupiter & Uranus this week will last another 2-3 weeks.

These are powerful planets and their combined energies set the tone for the year for all of us. (Also on the 4th is the first New Moon of the year, which also happens to be a Solar Eclipse! This adds yet more potency to this week, and says that the seeds and thoughts we plant now are especially important to our entire year ahead.)

As we enter this year, it would be good to reflect not only on the past year, but the last several years.

For they are the foundation to better understanding what this year is about, and what it isn’t about.

A major theme is to seek freedom from limiting beliefs and patterns, to forgive others and yourself and to let go of whatever holds you back. During this time, if you have done the “work”, such as reflection and being willing to be responsible for your part, “just letting go” is absolutely possible during this time! This alone will open the space within for what comes in the new cycle.

Say Good-bye Old Programming!
We all have programs that run someplace in the background of our unconscious that sets our limits and says “yes” or “no” (mostly “no”). And of course some of those are necessary and just common sense. Yet others are based on old precepts of what we are capable of, what we think our best is, what we think we deserve or are able to do.

And yet, to grow, to become more of who we are and to accomplish what you set out to do this lifetime we must at times reach far beyond our “no’s”. I know we have all heard some version of this . . . yet we still find it hard to actually manifest the desired expansion in our lives.

One reason may be that we haven’t opened aspects of our own being to accept this expansion and so we fit our dreams into the old form, or formula. And then wonder why they don’t manifest. What can you conceive of? What do you think is truly possible?

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is a most expansive influence, happening now, right in the first few weeks of the New Year, inviting us to open to the part of yourself that can increase your consciousness, your capacity to accept your own higher self and your greatness.

Now is the perfect time to broaden your current perception of the reality of your life and then to see new possibilities. “What we can’t conceive of we can’t create.”

This energy is blowing the top off our own limitations, opening us to a new capacity to see what we are capable of!

There are keys to turning this lock open.

First it is no mistake, I feel, that you are reading this. I say take that as a sign in and of itself that you are open and ready for this year to be a dynamic one for you. Believe that it is time, that you have all the resources and support you need to take whatever is your task to a higher level.

Take the next 2-3 weeks to focus on the inner. Surrender to your path, even if you aren’t exactly certain as to what that is. This, in itself, is an act of trust and faith in you believing that you have a purpose. Allow not knowing as to what is coming in. Most importantly, acknowledge that the past is no longer an option.

This can wake us up to what is possible. You may well sense that something is stirring and indeed it is. There may even be a feeling that your life is about to take off. Trust and nurture that!

The emphasis is now on taking part in your own life in a more dynamic and proactive way.

2.   Jupiter in Aries ~ Activator of Enthusiasm

On January 22nd, Jupiter enters Aries until June 4th. Jupiter goes through each sign every 12 years and while in Aries can spark enthusiasm and bring some form of excitement into our lives. How amazing that it is happening now, in the first few months of this most amazing year.

Here are some keywords for while Jupiter is in Aries: Being bold and having courage to be who you are; be pioneering and entrepreneurial as it encourages new beginnings.

Qualities to focus on while Jupiter is in Aries: Optimism, inspiration, faith. Being open to change that brings more joy to your life. Doing things that are being true to yourself and increase your confidence.

Questions to ask during this time: Where am I ready to change and grow? Am I open to see what is truly possible? Am I willing to expand even if it means real change? If I were feeling bold and confident, what might I do? Do I wait for others to act before I take action?

What to watch out for during this time: While Jupiter is in Aries is great for expanding in many ways, yet you do need to be careful to not take on too much, too fast. Excesses of any kind are possible and need to be avoided.

This heralds a dynamic time, one that will usher in many changes, some you may have been working towards for some time.

3.   Uranus in Aries ~ Enters the Spark

Uranus in Pisces has done a lot to lay a new foundation for spirit to enter our lives, for

Light to enter our being. Yet it has been primarily on the inner and hasn’t really been conducive to outer manifestation. If we try to take action on something prior to it’s time, before the inner landscape hasn’t been laid, it is very possible that it will not sustain in physical form. So timing is everything.

Uranus is entering Aries in mid-March until May 15, 2015 and will act as a spark and catalyst. We can lay the logs on the fire but without the match it will not provide us with heat. And once Uranus is in Aries there will many sparks to keep the fire, through enthusiasm and renewed optimism, going.

Further, the channels that were forged in the last seven years are now ready to receive Light in a more dynamic way. We can more easily see how the insights that came through in that time now directly apply to our life.

Keywords for while Uranus is in Aries: Expect unusual, unpredictable events that change how you view things. There is an acceleration of energies and a feeling that everything is happening very fast.

Qualities to focus on during this time: Being open to change that will bring you more aliveness and vitality. This is a primary element of all this-to feel more alive by being open to the life-giving pulse of Spirit. If you feel stuck, ask yourself if your lower will is still out of alignment with your higher will.

Questions to ask now: Am I willing to change those things that will truly change my life? Or do I back away from them, fearful that I will loose what is familiar? What would be the first thing I would change in my life that would make it better if I could?

What to watch out for during this time: Being erratic and making changes without any forethought. Seeking freedom and independence in impulsive ways. Resisting new ideas and information.

To attune to the higher frequencies of this Uranus influence, find ways to be yourself, to be authentic to who you are, be willing to be different, to step away from the crowd or the norm. The pulse of the Divine aspect of self is strong and it has a unique signature that is yours alone.

4.   Neptune enters Pisces ~
The Pull Towards The Divine & The Life We have Chosen

Neptune in Pisces is a major part of the New Cycle we are entering. It is the beckoning of the Divine and draws us towards our higher self. Our devotional natures increase under its influence as we yearn for our God-connection to become stronger and more real.

The heart opens to unconditionally loving ~ ourselves, others and the life we have chosen. The sense of separation between ourselves and God and ourselves and others dissolves.

It is the missing piece to the puzzle and where our willingness to surrender to our own life agenda, set forth before we were born (and indicated in your natal chart) can now exist and come into being with less resistance and greater ease.

This is a long-term aspect, one that will be influencing us until 2025. It hasn’t been in Pisces in over 140 years).

As we enter the new cycle, again, it is critical that we find ways to get in a sync with the energies as this is where we will find our strength and courage on an ongoing basis. I encourage you to check out the Astro Currents Monthly page to learn more.

It is an exciting year, one that I feel many have been waiting for a long time. Maybe even lifetimes.

My prayer for you this year is that you open to your true self, and that you know many blessings along the way,

~Elizabeth Jones – www.AstrologyofLight.com

© 2011 by Elizabeth Jones. All rights reserved.
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